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Future Select --Asbestos & Water/Legionella Recruitment-Latest Market News

The economy is still strong and at this moment in time, nothing has changed.  We still have the same laws and regulations and it is business as usual. The market remains as buoyant as ever for Asbestos/Water Treatment/Hygiene Recruitment. Future Select work, with leading forward thinking, successful like minded businesses, that are positive and upbeat about the markets, and are cutting edge, regardless of the uncertainty, and are ahead of the game. We are busier than ever for client request, and there will always be a market for the best candidates, who can affect the bottom line in a positive way.

If you are feeling uncertain and don’t want to commit to taking on permanent staff in the Asbestos and Water Treatment industries, then we can offer temporary solutions. Again, we are dealing with leading candidates/clients in the UK and some Worldwide clients.


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